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If you are like me you are noticing every media outlet is trying to assist job seekers in finding “jobs hiring in my area” or your area. The news has found a way to keep job seekers watching the 6:00pm news everyday with the potential to hear job news or job advice. You know as well as I do how difficult and frustrating it is to look in the Sunday paper or online and not see many “jobs hiring in my area.” What are job seekers to do or think? Well, I don’t know if you’re ready for the news but you may have to pay to get your resume seen by employers if you are going to improve your chances of finding your next gig. Let me tell you why:

It is a fact that most job vacancies most likely won’t be posted online. They are basically filled by word of mouth. You know this is true that’s why the media is stressing the importance of networking. You’ve got to realize that the jobs that are posted online or in newspapers are only a small handful of the amount of job vacancies that are available. The other job openings are not being posted. They are being filled by referrals. It is easier to get a referral from an employee’s friend for a job opening than to spend the money to post the job online. Do you agree? This is the trend that is going on today. So what can you do? Like I said before you may have to consider investing in your next job. Here is a service that is worth its weight in gold….Jobs by Fax.

Jobs by Fax is a resume fax service that will instantly deliver your resume into the hands of thousands of employers throughout your city or state. If you don’t believe the power of a faxed in resume consider these facts:

• The receptionist always takes the resume to the hiring manager and places it on their desk. If your resume is in order it is definitely going to float around the company to see if anyone needs you.
• Save you countless hours of job searching
• Employers will immediately begin calling you for interviews after your resume is received via fax
• You will reach the type of employers that you choose landing you the job that you want.
• You will find job opportunities you never would have known existed if you had only used the online sites and newspaper.
• You will have way less competition compared to jobs everyone sees in the newspaper or online.

If you are going to end your own personal recession and locate “jobs hiring in my area”, consider using Jobs by Fax. This service only accelerates what you are doing by 100 times.

Jobs Hiring In My Area

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