Help Wanted Ads Compared to Resume Services

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With major job losses in 2008 and continuing in 2009, it seems as though online job classifieds and offline job classifieds have lost their credibility for having good jobs. Companies are steadily cutting back on jobs, promoting hiring freezes, and reducing their advertising budgets. If they have a job opening they will definitely seek to give it to someone they know versus posting on job classifieds. As a result help wanted ads have less to advertise.

Job seekers are having to find other ways to look for jobs conventional and unconventional. Until the economy turns upward and jobs are created help wanted ads will offer no real benefit to this competitive job market. Right now the few jobs that are posted on job classifieds, companies are inundated with an enormous amount of resumes to sift through which reduces every applicants chances of landing the job.

For the next few months or maybe until the end of 2009 job seekers will have to try other job search methods to hopefully locate work. One major job search method that in my opinion will outdo the job classifieds is resume services. Resume services such as Jobs by Fax or Resume Rabbit are very needed to get a little leverage on the competition.

Jobs by Fax will fax your resume to as many companies as you sign up for from 200 to as many as 5000 employers. These companies are stored in a database and are selected based on your skill level and job search criteria. This service is a big help because Jobs by Fax guarantees you interviews. This service will definitely speed up your job search.

Resume Rabbit is similar to Jobs by Fax except they email your resume to recruiters. Your resume is sent to recruiters by the hundreds or thousands depending on the amount you sign up for. This method is just as effective because your resume is sent directly to hiring officials.

When the economy was doing fine, services like Jobs by Fax and Resume Rabbit weren’t needed as much as they are now. It is a known fact that many employers hire based on word of mouth which prohibits job postings from making it to job classifieds. The second most effective way that companies hire is through resumes that come in when they absolutely need a position filled or have not made a decision to hire yet. Instead of having to post to help wanted ads, they can pull up a recent resume that was faxed or emailed in.

I don’t think employers frown on receiving resumes faxed in or emailed in if they have a potential job opening. If you have great skills sometimes a position is created for you because they don’t’ want to lose you. I don’t think I need to advise you but using Jobs by Fax and Resume Rabbit is a necessity if you are going to get back to work.

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