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If you are unemployed or you are on the verge of getting laid off, one of the main questions you may be asking yourself is,”Where am I going to find jobs available in my area when the unemployment rate is already high? How can I find a job fast…especially jobs available in my area? The first place you immediately turn to is or You already know the jobs posted on those sites are already saturated with resumes of job seekers with the same if not better skills than you. What are you to do? Take a minute and ask yourself, ”What are other alternatives I can consider to find jobs available in my area?” Here a few suggestions that will get you headed in the right direction.

The best way to think about locating your next job is how can you get your resume into the hands of many employers, not just one? One of the best methods of placing your resume into the hands of thousands of employers is a service called Jobs by Fax. Jobs by Fax is the fastest and most complete job search service that you can use to help you locate “jobs available in my area.” This service is not just for local jobs but nationwide if you’re considering relocation. Consider these facts for a second:

• 70% - 80% of job openings are filled without a company ever running a job posting online or in the newspaper. This means for every 2 to 3 jobs you find online or in the newspaper, there are 7 to 8 other jobs out there you’re not seeing! Also, this means for those 2 to 3 jobs you see online or in the newspaper everybody and their brother is trying to post their resume for that job. But what about the 7 to 8 other jobs????? This is where Jobs by Fax comes in.

What is Jobs by Fax?

Jobs by Fax is a resume service that simply takes your resume and faxes it to as many companies as you like. Have you ever noticed what happens to resumes that come over a company’s fax machine? Resumes that come in by fax have more authority than you would think. I’ll show you how and why:

• When you fax your resume addressed to the actual decision maker at the business, the secretary will almost always put it on that person’s desk. It looks like it has been requested or you know that person, and the secretary is afraid to goof up by throwing out something that the boss is expecting.
• When your resume is faxed, it is delivered without hundreds of other competing resumes, so your resume actually gets reviewed.
• When your resume is faxed to a large number of employers, you reach those 70% - 80% of positions that are not going to be advertised online or in the newspaper.

Do you see the value in faxing a resume to employers? There is more potential in locating “jobs available in my area” this way than using online job boards or newspaper classifieds. Here is what Jobs by Fax will do for you:

• Save you countless hours of job searching
• Employers will immediately begin calling your for interviews after your resume is received via fax
• You will reach the type of employers that you choose landing you the job that you want.
• You will find job opportunities you never would have known existed if you had only used the online sites and newspaper.
• You will have way less competition compared to jobs everyone sees in the newspaper or online.

Jobs by Fax guarantees results!!! If you send a properly written cover letter and resume to at least 1000 or more employers, you WILL get at least 10 employers calling you in for an interview. GUARANTEED!!!

What will happen to you financially if 30 days from now you still do not have the job you want? What will happen 60 days from now? Use Jobs by Fax to locate “jobs available in my area” and get to work!!!

Jobs Available In My Area

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